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    Nothing Wrong with TAG

    Listen, I am all for all the new LAG and Hyper-LAG playing styles. And In the latter stages of tourneys and sit and gos this play is definitely recommended. However, I just want to remind Everyone it is high-variance in nature and there is NOTHING wrong with playing nice and TAG for the majority of your MTT and SnG play, especially at the micro and low limits.

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    I guess this ties right in with the thread about how to play big draws. Playing a hyper-lag style means you can accumulate a lot of chips when you hit a draw, because no one will ever give you credit. I think playing hyper-lag in a free roll or micro stakes mtt is sub-optimal to say the least. however, in a higher BI mtt tournament I prefer to play fairly lag. As with all poker, its about picking your'e spots and adjusting. Even some of the most hyper-lag players in the world have to adjust their game against top tier competition.

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    I would say that TAG is the standard when learning poker and the beginning of tourneys. I think you do have to be LAG later on in tournaments because of the blind levels.

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    You always have to adjust your style as you learn more about your competition.

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    Like how you put it focusing on how high variance it is. So very true. I can play tag when need be, but i am addicted to being a lagtard and fking with people,lol. I either run up monster stacks or bust so eh variance

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