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    No luck or no Skills

    Hey all,
    I just have a little Question how you feel about the "Luckfaktor" in Poker.
    I played a lot of Tournaments the last months and lost about 70$ in MTT like
    18000$ garantie 2,20$ buyin, DailyDollar etc. and some 45 Player Sitngos for 1,10$.
    Ther are too ways i play very tight, build a stack and to the end the Chips run out.
    Or i get out in the early Hands with a Badbeat.( KK in BB, allin Q 10, call, Flop 10 10 Q and bye).
    What should i play for Hands at the end of a Tournament when the Blind are eating me?
    I fold a lot hands like AJ or A10 suited against a big race, and when i got AK i run against
    99 or 88 etc and no A or K came when i got a Pocketpair A or K came and push me out.
    I think i need a Break to clean my Head from the Cards and Badbeats.
    Somebody got some Tips for me to win a Big Tournament?
    Yesterday i was placed 516 off 6134 Players in DailyDollar and got 4,50$ for that.
    Sick, i was top 100 to the last 1000 then i got Cards like 6 3 off or 2 5 what would you win with that Hands?

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    when antes kick in open up ur range, when im in position in a tourney and its close to the bubble and there are antes i will raise late position any two cards, its all about stealing and restealing.

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