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    my hud free. continue....


    AB blank:% of hands go to showdown and% of hands won at showdown.
    Consider the graph above: 52% of hands reaches the showdown and win 71% of the time.
    Represented by these numbers?. Represent a highly effective and dangerous player.
    That is, initially: 1 in 2 hands will be ready to go to the showdown (52%).
    For now the big question is: if 1 out of 2 comes to the showdown and when it
    wins 71% (which is an outrage!) what strategy we used against that player?.
    Obviously is going through a winning streak and the best way to cope
    is focusing on that 48% of Non-Showdown (100 - 52 = 48%). That is, we will not
    want to go to the showdown against the player, but try it out before. Got it?.
    But where we can acacar? In which street? Preflop? Flop, Turn and River?. From
    this time, began to notice that all of Hud statistics are combined.
    That is, we answer this question by observing the FIRST and FOURTH ROW.
    In an attack to see if it preflop and on the other to attack in a street board.
    But then added to the hud some statistics even more interesting:

    1 3 4 is the number of times a player reaches the Flop (1) Turn (3) and River (4).
    Consider the graph to better understand: we Flop: 27 Turn: 19 River: 14.
    They see? Notice anything interesting?. Of course. There is a wide gap between 27 and 19.
    That is, we soon discovered that our dangerous rival, to win every showdown
    has a gap between flop and turn. That is, 27 hands I reach the flop, only continuous in 19.
    We can also observe that when it has reached the turn (19) has also reached the River (14).
    It would be quite successful attack strategy on the flop because there shows more weakness.

    But let's add more data to HUD for not finding after some kind of surprise.
    As you all know, poker, both preflop and the flop are the 2 big filters hands.
    We will see then if it is correct to attack the player on the flop.

    (2) darker red: the% of hands that a player wins when it hits the flop.
    In the case of the graph, we have reached in 27 hands Flop (1) and has won 67% of them.
    Let's be clear something does not mean that the hands have won precisely on the flop, it means that
    when he saw a flop won 67%. (In those same hands also may have reached the Turn or River).
    However, returning to the subject, that 67% is a number too high.
    The idea of ​​attack on the flop may have to be taken with caution. Well, I will attack and we will fold
    (And when we pay is likely to have good hand). Thus, not rentabilizaremos our game.
    In a way, this percentage (2) summarizes how well we select our opponent preflop hands.
    In poker parlance, this percentage would indicate how well-flopea-one player. Got it?.

    SIXTH ROW Summarizing this we noticed that we have a good player showdown.
    That is, we tendencies, statistics and yet we find a high point of weakness.
    Can you explain what is the reason?. Indeed, we are looking at the wrong statistics.
    If you want to win this type of player, we take it out of your comfort zone. Would be a mistake
    try to beat him at his own field (post-flop and flop). We have to attack it from the Pre-Flop.


    CONTINUE ...

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    Wow very long post dont hae time to read it but will later

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    very interesting article but everyone needs luck for everithing...

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    Nice article but the luck is verry important in poker peace

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