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Thread: Live Play

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    Live Play

    Been playing more live lately. Mostly just regular tourneys at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh and Hollywood Casino in Grantsville.

    Next month have some bigger events going on. First, 3/1-2 the Hollywood Poker Open Main Event - $1,800 buyin. Second, 3/10-14 WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event - $7,500 buyin (satelliting in, won't play if I don't satellite into it unless I win at least $20,000 from the HPO ME), Third 3/15-19 WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event - $3,500 buyin (will try to satellite, but if not will buyin directly)

    The HPO is localish (4 hours away) while the others are closeish to each other in Cali. Will be flying out to do those.

    Will be keeping this thread updated with those 3 tournaments next month and how I finish in each + big hands and results.

    If anyone else happens to attend any of these three, let me know.

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    Good Luck. I don't live there but I will be checking your progress from time to time.

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    Live tourneys aren't profitable till u get to high stakes

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    yea live tourneys arent profitable unless the buy in in 500 or more!

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    i want to start playing live as well, gotta try to get a something going online first cash out and then use it for live ..

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