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    HU Super Turbo's as Steps

    I saw what Gooch is trying to do with his Super Turbo's. Another fun approach is to treat them as "Steps" Example: You start with a $2 HU Super Turbo, Buy-in: $2.10. (Step 1) Win and move on to the $4 HU Super Turbo, Buy-in: $4.15 (Step 2) and so on, and so on. If you are at least an O.K. HU player you can make a little scratch. Quit at whatever Step you feel like or go the distance on a very lucky day and go for Step 14. $2 into $2000!!! Can't say I have ever been that lucky myself. But hey, maybe it will work for someone here. Just an idea. I call it the, "Matt Dillion"....For those of you who understand that, you are old.....Good Luck!

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    i hate this type of tournaments see you

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    sounds like alot of work to me but gl to you

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    i don`t like this tipe ,...........

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