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Thread: HOW To TAG?

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    HOW To TAG?

    Can someone tell me how to tag a poker account to a poker site like poker owned?

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    if u already have an acc and didnt downloaded it from PO links it is only possible(maybe) for BCP ...check this thread BCP Retags

    on the other hand if u dont have an account yet u should download it using the PO links to have it auto tracked.....
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    You must download and register for your account through the forum that you want it tagged to. If not there is not usually a way for that to happen unless you create another account and that is not a good thing when the poker site finds out they will shut you down.

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    much more difficult to get tracked to BCP than any Merge skin. with both ACR and BCP, I downloaded the software with PO's link - the software didn't work - support tells me to download it again, then I don't get tracked and they say I'm already being tracked to a different site - which is impossible!

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    you have to enter a promo code when you register usually, not sure if its the same with pokerowned

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