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    How should you prepare for a two day deep stack tourney?

    So, the question to all PO members with mid-stakes live experience is; What do you do say the week of and then day before a deep-stack like this? Of course anyone can put thoughts into this thread as well.
    Please include everything you think is vital whether it range from health, sleep, strategy, etc.

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    only play good end dont over thinking

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    Its not too much you can say because it all depends on the person, I personally make sure I get good sleep especially after Day 1 if you go on to Day 2. Eat a good breakfast and just remember your game. A few days before a big tourney for me I'll go over some strategy videos, get in the right state of mind, don't forget live poker is about reading people! Always pay attention and don't get distracted by the lights in the casino lol.

    GL man

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    i love to play mmt end sng not to much in cash games

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