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    How to play a low overpair to the board?

    One of the situations that gets me into trouble many times, is the following.

    Suppose you are in a MTT, middle stages, and you get an medium pair, let's say 66. You might do a small preflop raise or even limp.

    Suppose you wil play against 1 or 2 other players and the flop is for example 244.

    What is the best to proceed when you have a medium to short stack?

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    Considering you are up against one other player. Did they raise the bet, or just check. What else is on the board. If they just checked then I would raise half my stack. But that is just my opinion.

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    would just limp around see what comes up .66 not that good with 44 on board

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    Definitely would need more information to give you a quality

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    never get too involved in a pot with small to mid pairs. Way too many over value them smaller pairs and play them like they have the nuts LOL
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    def need more info in order to give better advice but i would reraise them and check to see how they react.. if they call...they might be slow playing you.. if they push... watch out... if they fold you win lol

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    no entiendo muy bien ,,falta como decir mas acerca de la jugada ,, en todo caso creo q subiria
    im bikkeromano

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    For starters I try NOT to limp into pots, and 66 is a hand I would play in position so it all depends on the pre flop, if im last to act and its folded around or limped around to me I would raise 3x BB and +1 for every limper, this would pretty much get rid of the small hands and marginal hands that would hold cards like 2's and 4's, so with an small over pair I would value bet after the flop but a raise or something would throw up a red flag to watch out here.

    I have trouble explaining how I play or think, trying it out here lol

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    I don't play small to mid pairs in the middle of a tournament unless I have position. Even if I have position most of the time I fold them after the flop because there are 3 over cards.

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    I would only play that in position...and would probably just call .no raise

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