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    how can i play this differently?

    Table and Position Review
    Game #64765565-6: $250 Gtd - [Deep, Turbo] - No Limit Holdem Tournament - 30.00/60.00

    Seat #0: Bumpster22, $4380.00
    Seat #1: briana6 (D), $5520.00
    Seat #2: rat3345 (SB), $4800.00
    Seat #3: slidebama (BB), $5000.00
    Seat #4: nckj2011, $5120.00
    Seat #5: pokerslydog, $5000.00
    Seat #6: RavenKitty, $4920.00
    Seat #7: ska8912, $4880.00
    Seat #8: pokerpen13, $5200.00

    *** Blinds ***
    rat3345 posts the small blind of 30.00
    slidebama posts the big blind of 60.00

    *** Pre-Flop ***
    RavenKitty got hole cards [ Ad: As: ]
    nckj2011 folds
    pokerslydog folds
    RavenKitty raises with 150.00
    ska8912 calls 150.00
    pokerpen13 calls 150.00
    Bumpster22 folds
    briana6 folds
    rat3345 folds
    slidebama folds

    *** Flop *** Pot: 540
    [ 2d: Js: 2s: ]
    RavenKitty bets 300.00
    ska8912 calls 300.00
    pokerpen13 calls 300.00

    *** Turn *** Pot: 1440
    [ 2d: Js: 2s: ] [ 9d: ]
    RavenKitty bets 800.00
    ska8912 calls 800.00
    pokerpen13 calls 800.00

    *** River *** Pot: 3840
    [ 2d: Js: 2s: ] [ 9d: ] [ Ts: ]
    RavenKitty checks
    ska8912 bets 480.00
    pokerpen13 raises with 1440.00
    RavenKitty folds
    ska8912 calls 960.00

    *** Showdown *** Pot: 6720
    pokerpen13 shows [ Ks: 4s: ]
    ska8912 mucks [ 9c: Jc: ]
    pokerpen13 wins 6720.00

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    Your sizing looks good on every street. You have the As blocker and everything so its even okay to slightly undersize, but I honestly like your bets and think they are big enough. You intelligently check fold the river when the spade hits. You honestly couldnt have played this better. If the river is a blank you stack that guy with j9. My only suggestion would be consider making your preflop raise huge. It turns your hand face up, but Im assuming this is a dollar donkament where that doesnt even matter. I really think you played it well though and you did great to get away from it when your luck went sour.
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    i really thought i had the soul read on them and i knew i was folding to Any J, Straight Card or Spade on the river. i just gald to hear that it was played well even though i did not get the result i wanted from another good players thoughts

    And it is a $1 $250 Gtd Deepstack Turbo

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    That rough man I'm sorry for you

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    With the bilnds at 30 60 i would to about 350 to 400 id rather pickup the blinds than keep it cheap preflop and let them draw

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    honestly you played the hand great.. i dont see anything wrong here, great fold btw

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    Like i said i knew exactly where i was in the hand so...

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    Yeah I really don't see too much to comment on. In the under $3 mtt's your going to get some very bad players. So trying to asses what players may have is kind of difficult. When you start a hand with 85bb's you want to inflate the pots as big as possible. I actually wouldn't mind a 5-7x open. Opening with different bet sizing at the cheeseburger stakes is hardly ever exploited. I know that this sounds rediculous; but actually open jamming sometimes works best with AA. It is unexploitable, and you would be surprised by how many people think they are flipping and call off with small pairs. I say opening 5x is probably your best option early in donkaments. I actually like to limp early with AA a lot in those spots as well. All it takes is one player to open the door, and then they all start calling. It gets back to you and Christmas has officially come early. Limp/shove/pray. As played though, shit happens.

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    its too long to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12221

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