i have a lot of chips but need to get a lot more to place. im 1st to act and raise 1 bb. only the bb calls. flop is a ,7,3. with 2 diamonds. he bets 1 k i call, im still not sure what he has, i have position. another card comes that is ablank. he bets 3 k. i beleive now he is come betting the flush. river is another blank. i got kq, with an ace on the table. i say to myself if he pushes my final 11 k in hes got nada , 2 low diamonds. he shoves me allin i snap call with king high and win. he had 87 diamonds. that tourney i finished 9th and it only paid top 9. i also made a good bluff later and raised preflop. flop and turn . the flop came. i had kq, flop is 10 8,8, ibet half the pot, he calls then a 10 comes on the table 10,10,8,8, i took time and did a value bet bluff for 8.5 k and he is big stacked with145k. he folds i win. i rarely bluff so remember that if your in a hand with me. it felt good cause i rarely do it. how can u bluff when everybody calls with any pair.