I play MTT and SnG but this question pertains primarily to SnG play, however, any opinions are welcome, but if your comment concerns MTT play, please specify that if you would.

I uses the Search Player function a lot, and I can see where the other players are playing - if they are not blocked. I am developing a habit of categorizing players depending on what I see, and want to know your thought and how y'all see this as well.

For example I see any single or 2 table players as a non threat. (I play 5-6$ SnGs). I do check again in many cases, but they usually dont add tables. I see anyone playing multiple games formats the same, like on STT and MTT and/or freeroll games, or, especially, if they play cash and STT/MTT at the same time. Or if they play turbo and reg speed at the same time. All they types I will consider dumb and fishy until they give me reason to think otherwise. Your thoughts on this?

I do see players who play mixed buy ins, but like maybe 3-4 tables at 6.50 and 3-4 at 11. These players are hard for me to categorize, using only this info. Any thought about this type of play?

I am just trying to get some kind of read on unknowns based on their # of tables and simultaneous game selection. I rely much more on what I see them do and HUD stats, but before I have any of that info, if I find myself in a situation where I have to make a decision, sometimes this is all the info I have, so in that case I put them in category "fishy" if they fit the profile I mentioned in paragraph 3 above.