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    Full Ring or 6-max ?

    Hi friends,

    I cannot make up my mind if I want to play 6 max or full ring.

    Which do you prefer and why?
    Would you choose because if fits your playing style or would you choose one of the two and adjust your playing style to it?

    Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts.

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    May 2011
    i play 6 max but I play flhe to grind vips. so, that works best for me. the swings are harsher in 6 max tho. But, you get to play more cards lol

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    I've always enjoyed playing a full ring for sit and gos and 6 players for ring games. For sit and gos I like having more people just because it seems to fit my style more. For the ring games I like less people because it seems the more people there are the more likely people play wildly.

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    I prefer fr, but I think more people like 6max, there is more action.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PooffyFooffy View Post
    I prefer fr, but I think more people like 6max, there is more action.
    I like to mix it up with both.. but prefer short hnd tours

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    i prefer heads up but out of 6 max and full ring i prefer to multi table full ring.

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    6max. Imo, it's a better representation of what poker should be. As opposed to everyone just sitting around waiting for the nuts at fr.

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    i like 6 ppl it is more fun game and play more hands

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    i mostly play 6hand ring games, because 9people hands are always full in micro tables

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    I used to like full ring but its a lot boring, so 6-max. I agree with oVITOo, its what poker should be. I also think the MTT's should be 8-handed and never should be 10-handed like so many live tournaments are...

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