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Thread: Fool's Call

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    Fool's Call

    Want to get some feedback on this hand. I feel like the only street I made a mistake was on the river. I feel like that bet is only getting called by a fool such as this. I'm surprised he called with a bottom pair.
    When I looked up "Ninjas" in, it said "Ninja's can't be found" Well played Ninjas, well played.

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    I dont know how he played, If he was aggresive or..but you played it very passive. You should check-raise him around 0.45-0.55$ after flop to explore if he hits something or have really good hand. You hit 7 and board was paired so you had really good odds that he had nothing after flop (and he had). If he calls you then, and bet on turn than you should fold.. He could have 7 with higher kicker, J or overpair (like he got on turn). It could be good fold.

    EDIT: now I noticed that that guy with 7 was your opponent So maybe he will read it you played it good I guess
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    any two cards they think they win lol

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    Its a pretty bad call, only hands he can beat here are 8-9/9-10.

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    i think i may check back on the river seeing as it completed the flush or in the small chance that he was slow-playing a pocket J otherwise dont see much of a problem, maybe make smaller bets instead of firing pot everytime.

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