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    Lightbulb Chips and Their Value in a 9, 18, 27 and 45 man SnG----READ THIS, DO NOT SPAM

    So i was just thinking out loud and I would like to share my thought with the Forum. I play a lot of Sit and Gos, mainly 18 mans (they're my favorite), but I also play 9,27 and 45 mans.

    KEY POINT- CHIPS DECLINE IN ($) VALUE AS THE BLINDS RAISE AND PLAYERS ARE ELIMINATED. Why is this? Well, The ICM (Independent Chip Model) has this mathematically proven, but I'll move past the math.

    Basically- It's easier to gain 6k in chips 3 handed then 9 handed. As the blinds increase, tables get short-handed and the bubble nears, chips will be traded much more frequently and with less premium hands then at the starting blind levels.

    Key Point- Your starting chips have more $ Value than any chips you gain, basically, every time you gain chips, this gives a small amount of $ EQUITY to the other players, which, because you should be as greedy and selfish as Humanly Possible playing poker, you want to avoid unless you have a premium hand

    So, What does this knowledge of Chip $ VALUE Amount To? PLAY TIGHT-AGRESSIVE UNTIL THE ANTES KICK IN, OR THE BLINDS RAISE ENOUGH IN VALUE WHERE THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS HAVE 10-15 BLINDS, UNLESS YOU HAVE 20-30 BBs, where because you can only gain 10 BBs (or so) but risk losing substantial chip power, you want to remain tight even in higher blind levels.

    Trust me fellas, there's no need to worry if your at 1,300 chips and the blinds are 75/150 in a SNG, all you need to do is remain patient and try to double up, in fact, it could almost be seen as advantageous to be a shorter stack in the middle stages because your decisions are significantly easier, either be willing to commit your entire stack during a hand or fold.

    Well, that is it from me, Just take a couple more points in mind.

    Any Ace-Rag (Including A-J)
    And your skeptical hands such as suited connectors, but on another note below. . .

    OPTIONAL- You can limp in or small-ball skeptical hands such as low pocket pairs and suited connectors or one-gap connectors in the first 3-5 levels if you wish to do so. But this is more advanced, so if you aren't confident with your post-flop play, you can avoid this.

    -----I sincerely Hope this Post helps out all you SNG Grinders out there, best wishes to all, anyone can feel free to PM me for advice or poker conversation.

    Your Friend,
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    me too play lot of sngs only 10 man but wud try 18 man soon. iv played literally hundreds of sngs and hav realised most important thing is to definitely play in premium hands only dont b fish specially in sng and be v.patient even if u down to few hundred chip u can still win dont go allin on rubbish mayb someone else with 1000 + chips wud do this and u can go allin to him, gud luk.

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    ICM is probably the reason I suck at SNGs and MTTs.. I've thrown away countless games and chip leads because I decide to play menial hands when we're approaching the bubble, in spots where I have healthy chipstacks or even the chiplead at the table. Everyone of us has probably been there, and its the worst haha.
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    I am always in sit n goes but prefer a huge tourney with lots getting paid places. Recently am more involved in these types of games, but style is everything.

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    Come on people this is important stuff, so i am bumping this up
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    If you know that player boku87 from pokerstars, who build his BR from 5$ to 100k$, he said that you have not play different in bubble stage, so that's because all players tighten up so much, but you just keeping play the same and you know's very profitable according him!

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