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Thread: Cash games

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    Post Cash games

    I usually play sit&go tournaments or MTT ones.
    Can someone tell me some basics strategies to play cash games?

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    In tournaments, your goal is to finish high and not lose. Although in cash games you dont want to lose, you have to play it a little differently. Basically, the blinds don't move up so you're not suppose to get shortstacked. A lot of players play with a certain amount of big blinds and you have to play a little different against them along with what you have. Its basically the same game if you're talking about basic strategies. Stay away from the good players, attack the weaker ones.

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    Watch isildur1 play, it helped me improve

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    Quote Originally Posted by dariusmaciul View Post
    zoom is really good
    +1 , play only strong hands

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    well i just brought two more coupons had a great game last night i hope i winn again

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