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    Was this call correct? Need a community vote!

    OK, so I'd welcome your comments as well, but What I need most is a vote:
    Yes = my final call was the correct move
    No = my final call was incorrect

    Just base your vote on the info you have below.

    Scene - tavern poker (free, with the goal of earning points to get ranked and play in regional and national tourneys)

    We are about mid-tourney, just before the first chip-up break.

    I'm big blind (1000 chip bb), and have 9s-10s.

    First to act folds, next guy (Rich) limps and we get two more limpers before the small blind raises to 3000.
    So I've got suited connectors, calling 2000 for 7000, but more likely 9000 or 11,000 because I figure at least one
    of the limpers will call. So I call, and Rich calls also. Others fold.

    3 to the flop with 11K in the pot.

    Flop: 3c 8s Jc

    Small blind bets 3K. I have an open-ender with back door flush possibilities, so 3K for 14K looks good.
    I call.
    Rich raises to 6K. Small blind calls, I call.

    Turn: 3c 8s Jc 4s and there's 29K in the pot.

    Small checks, I check, Rich goes all-in for 9900. Small thinks hard then folds.
    I have 15K in my stack, so calling will leave me with 2 big blinds (blind go up after break).
    I'm pretty sure Rich is pushing because he has top pair (J) and a decent kicker (K or A). I think the small had a similar
    But now there's almost 40K in the pot, so I'm getting 4:1 pot odds, and I figure I have 9-13 outs so minimally I'm at 30%.

    So I call, catch a spade on the river and win the pot.

    That's the vote point - was that the right call? Whoever loses this vote has to pay the other guy's beer tab next Tuesday.

    Thanks, folks.

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    Not only was it a pretty bad call, it wasn't even the worst call in the hand. You should not have called the small blinds raise to begin with on a hand like that. You put yourself in an at best marginal situation to begin with by calling the preflop raise (9 10 can get you in a lot of trouble, even if it's suited). Even after know the guy is ahead of you when you call his all in and there's only the river left. You hit the draw and you had a lot of outs but you put your tournament life at risk when it wasn't necessary. It would have been a great call in a cash game (Because of pot odds and outs) but tournament play is a different animal, I wouldn't have done it personally mainly because of your stack only would have had 2 big blinds left if you were to lose. Your only going to get a card that improves your hand less than half the time in that situation.

    If you keep putting yourself in situations like that in a tournament, you will be lucky to cash in last place.

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    I would have never played the hand to begin with to start with, just my opinion, but since why you did and got to the turn with the play and after what was already in the pot, Yes I call!! Open ender and flush draw at the point with whats in the pot, I call!! But, on the flip side of that, I dont believe you should have ever called the raise pre, wouldnt have done that I dont care whats in the pot preflop, think it was a terrible play on your part!!

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    You never should have played that hand to begin with. Stacks just aren't deep enough for suited connectors there.
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    how many starting chips did u have b4 the hand started and could u afford to freeroll the hand? anyways im fine with everything you did IF you were able to be in the hand in the first place. but since u DID choose to see the flop, all of your calls were proper.

    btw if you are talking about world tavern poker im ranked number 1 in georgia, and a member of my bar league named Butch just won the Player's Championship last week in Atlantic City for a nice plaque, 2000 cash , and $500 stake in WSOP this Oct - Nov.

    wasnt able to make the Atlantic City trip even though i was invited

    IN CONCLUSION: it sounds like u had 24 BBs to start the hand, so yea, you shouldnt have risked almost 15% of your stack on suited connectors pre - flop, but since you did decide to see a flop; your post flop calls are all correct
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    I agree with the consensus in that it was a questionable decision, but you took a risk and it didn't work out.

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    YA sorry no bail out from me...shouldn't have been in hand

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    if u won, then yes. if you lost, then sadly no. and i didnt even look at the cards. i lost to some shitty hands today, people calling my allins with shit but somehow winning. see it hear it everyday. unless u got the nutz, expect to lose

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    Pre-Flop - Bad
    Flop - OK
    Turn - Good

    Bottom line, you shouldn't have called the first raise with suited connectors out of position.

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    I'd say you were in too deep to not call the all in on the turn, but, you were definitely playing a hand that wouldn't always be played in your situation. You didn't have that many bets to start with.

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