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    On the BUBBLE of $3.30 $750 GTD

    Any callers here? 5 outta the money. Weve both got about 11BBs, ive got him outstacked by 5K.

    Starting Game #61032653-107
    FeedTheD is the Dealer
    Shuffling Cards
    Antes Posted
    BESTxINxSHOW posted Small Blind 200
    JoeSchmoeJr posted Big Blind 4000You Were Dealt (Kc,Td)
    worththebet folds
    muckmuckgoose folds
    thetyphi folds
    bobbydigital22 folds
    mrbreeze767 folds
    tickytack folds
    FeedTheD is All In
    BESTxINxSHOW folds
    JoeSchmoeJr ???
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    that is a insta fold with k10 on the need to shove or call atm..

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    Would have folded too in this situation

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    i woilda folded here also. u didnt say what u did tho???

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    Fold. so what did you do?
    "Maybe Poker's Just Not Your Game"

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    you know, if you hadn't folded you would have won the flip

    just sayin

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    its a fold but im sure you called in this situation. you have some learning to do still. if youre gonna play K 10 you wanna be the one pressing the action not the 1 calling

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    depends how much he shoved for but on the bubble usually thats a relitively easy fold. Of course it depends if he shoves often or rarely with premium hands. I would call if he had shoved 3-4 times already depending on the size of the shove. On the bubble you should be more cautious though. It's a bad feeling when you bubble

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    Yeah you have alot to learn if you have to question whether you call this or not. It doesnt matter if hes shoving light your 5 from ITM. with 11 bb's your folding til money unless AA or KK or QQ. Then expect to lose since your so short it doesnt matter to anyone with a stack to call
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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