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Thread: break

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    Oct 2012


    I alwasy seem to make it to the 2nd break of a toutney, then i can not go any further. i do not get what my problem is...

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    Dec 2012
    My only guess would be that you aren't being aggressive enough as the blinds raise, that or your picking bad spots to get aggressive.

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    You make it to 2nd break and its basically coin flips no matter what... every move you make could be your last. Just be aggressive in position and let the chips fall where they may.

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    you have to tightent up your game tag or even nit style does well in most trournemets

    if you play lag style or are real loose you will not make it to the thrid break. ifyou can make it to the third break you will be able to turn the corner and maybe even get lucky and make it to the final table

    see you thtere

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    you definitely need to bet a lil more aggressively before the breaks to try and make some extra chips before the blinds catch up to you. If you find yourself up early, make some bigger bets to steal blinds and make some extra cash..

    gl at the tables

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    What kind of stack do you usually have? If your getting short, then you prolly are not playing aggressive enough. If you have a big stack and it slowly dwindles down, then against you are not aggressive enough. Other than that, you might be too aggressive or just bad luck.

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    don't get tight play your game all the way trough takes a lot of patience but you will get there

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