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Thread: Bovada

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    Jan 2014


    I have never liked the numbering anonymous play on Bovada. I would much rather have screen names. I'm playing the freeroll tonight. Good luck if you are in it.

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    I don't like the anonymous numbers either. I use a HUD (PTR4) and I find it difficult to pick out player tendencies. There are SO MANY fish though! I watch 2-3 tables for 15 20 minutes, takes notes on the fish and play hit and run. My BB/100 is higher on Bovada than any other site. But You have to limit the # of tables to 2, or your win rate goes to sht.

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    Yeah the anon makes it alot harder to play cause no notes can be stored on any one player
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    it would be better to have screennames to seem who it is your playin against

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    The anonymity sucks for MTT's because by the time you get a read on your opponents you might get moved to another table.

    Not so bad for ring games since you can get a decent read on the other players after a while but anonymity means they have no info on your playing tendencies either so you can mix up your betting style and keep players guessing.

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    It keeps me on my toes watching the play when I may be straying to some other multitask otherwise.

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    Yea I never liked Bovada for this reason, but im starting to like it!

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