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    Bankroll Building Something from Nothing

    Just recently I have lost my bankroll and I aspire to make it back.
    I have $0.01 as of right now! (JMVIndustry on Pokerstars if you don't believe me)

    I am hoping to make $25 by next Sunday, and go up from there.
    I have set strict rules for myself which I must follow.

    Rules are listed here:

    1. I must not pay in SNG or MTT until I accumulate over $2.
    2. Once doing so, I cannot join any tournament over 5% of my Bankroll.
    3. I will not be able to play any SNG over 4% of my Bankroll.
    4. Ring tables are prohibited from being played.

    After I make my $25, I aspire to make a respectable bankroll of $1000 or such in the next coming months.

    I will update my status hopefully every couple of days!

    Wish me luck and goodbye from JMVIndustry

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    Good luck. I was going to go for $1000. I won $7 in a freeroll and turned it into $205 in one day. Then I lost it all the next day. lmao. I don't always try that hard to keep my bankroll since I cannot cash it out. Too bad I can't trade it to other players. XD

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    Good BRM rules to follow. Good Luck.

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    i have had trouble even beginning to go up from my initial deposit in the last 4 months but i kept depositing 20 dollars at a time....before I was playing very erratically and going on tilt all the time and losing the remaining 12 dollars i had after losing the first 8. I have since learned better emotional control and the last 20 dollars i deposited on carbon is now up to 69 dollars... I have continued to grow my bankroll and seemingly only lose when I get bad beats. My skill level of play has increased since playing my first live tournament. I now have 2 under my belt and I am planning on playing a 75 dollar bounty tourney tonight!!! Wish me luck!

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    good luck i wos make 1000 den i lose all

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    Good luck. Bankroll building from nothing is very difficult, but it's easy to get carried away when you finally manage to get a few dollars in your account.
    I've gone from $0.30 to $35 in a few hours on Pokerstars, only to lose it all (apart from $0.06) a few hours later because I got a bit carried away. The very next day I went from $0.06 to $85 in a few hours. That time I made sure I transferred some money back to my bank account before losing the rest.
    It's the same on my Betfair poker account. I went from nothing to over ?30 in a short time before again losing it all.
    I had ?0.01 in my Betfair poker account last week. It's now at more than ?150 and so far I've been able to control myself.

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    Good rules to post. Although following them can be hard.

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    I just started out on Bankroll building and I was easily lost. Have you ever finished this by any chance?
    Royal Flush.

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    i play evertyday free freerole in hope that i get the 1000 :P
    but still i get payd more then i thoth sinds 4jears am palying real money but not good succes

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    I think I'm going to try something similar myself! Also on 1 cent

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