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Thread: Bad beats

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    Dec 2010

    Bad beats

    2 weeks ago i was in a local freeroll nl holdem tourney, just made it to the final table- i had king 6 suited and was about to be pushed all in in a hand or two anyway so i went all in- in spite of losing the previous week to king 6 offsuit with my ace king...

    im all in against rockets..

    nothing on the flop for me...

    the turn is a 6

    the river is a 6..

    i win,

    i did bubble though later and took 4th place..
    no payout...

    ( i took 2nd on the past tuesday, wish me luck tomorrow!!)

    my point is -

    B A D B E A T S H A P P EN

    or with real cards...

    the point of this thread is IT HAPPENS>>>

    let me know about your



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    Aug 2011
    very nice hand

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    Dec 2011
    people just think bad beats happen more often online.. but fact is they just play alot more hands faster so they think it happening at higher rate.

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    Nov 2011
    yes I agree they happen live and online just gotta deal with it

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