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    AQ is not nearly as strong as many give it credit for

    It's happened to me a lot, late in a tourney and I'm in middle to late position and look down and see AQ. Someone will make a significant raise and I'll reraise - they will then put me all-in. They turn over KK and my head turns into a giant tootsie-pop. Or, they flip a small pair, have a small edge and I never catch a card.

    Have I learned my lesson? I hope so, but after a long drought that AQ can look soooooo good. Kids, let this be a lesson to you...

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    Yeah im with Doyle on this hand. It will lose you more money or chips then any other hand you can play.. I HATE IT!!!
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    i am agree with you!

    It's not luck

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