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Thread: 2nd but not 1st

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    Apr 2013

    2nd but not 1st

    Well just got 2nd in the 4pm freeroll it was a great game I have been with the forum now for about 2 weeks and love the game. Maybe next time it will be 1st GL at the tables

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    Apr 2012
    Congrats on 2nd, I hope to finish well in the 7PM Tourney.

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    Aug 2012
    woot woot! Good job malibu on 2nd in the freeroll. Those freerolls are fun and you can build a bankroll pretty easily from them good luck.

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    2nd wahoooooo this place is agood place good freerolls, it was at its best though when full tilt was up, but nothing pokerowned can do about that. props to Zab for wat he has done

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    Good job on 2nd. PO freerolls have better odds of cashing than site freerolls.

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