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    Whats the best way to get themost back from poker sites?

    So I could really use some input from any of you besides for ACR I signed up for all of the sites I play on from there own sign up page so I get no bonus from any of them ... Im really considering deleting all of my poker accounts and my account here just so I can get a fresh start on all sites with all the bonus possible .. What I need is some info on what you guys think is the best way to go about it? ... Should I sign here 1st and then sign up for the poker sites from here or should I go to some of the rake back sites and sigh up from there? ... I always hear about ppl getting so much back because of these bonus you can get and I kinda would like to be able to do the same so any info you think would help me out would be much appreciated. ..Thanks and ill be looking forward to any advice you's can give me!

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    getting rakeback is key, anytime you can get rakeback to any account you have a destinct edge in making more cash.

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