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    What is wrong with America's Cardroom software?

    I can barely get it to load on my computer. Then it says up top "disconnected from server...reconnecting" for awhile and then it does nothing. I've tried uninstalling it and downloading the latest version from their site, but to no hope. The same is true for True Poker. Is this just something wrong with my computer or is this happening to other people too? I miss playing on there. And yes i've contacted support and all the things they have told me to try have not worked.

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    It is possible your Firewall is blocking it.

    Try disabling your Firewall/Anti-Virus software and/or add ACR as an exception.
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    Yea must be your computer....Mine works fine as does BCP etc....

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    I would think it has to be your computer. never really had any problems with ACR myself

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    I had problems with bcp/acr and updated windows to a newer operating system and it ran smooth after that. Was windows xp, updated to windows 7.
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