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Thread: Showing Cards

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    Showing Cards

    So this thread is basically just to see what everyone else thinks about showing your cards after a hand if everyone else folds out. Generally, I never show my cards at all regardless of what type of game I'm in or what stage it is at. I think keeping that mystery about yourself whether or not you were bluffing or not can be a good thing with other players around the table not knowing your style of of play. However recently I've started to think about showing them every now and then whether I was bluffing or betting big for good reason to try and get in my opponents head a bit more: maybe showing a bluff so that next time you bet in a similar way they might think you are bluffing more and be more reliant to call. Or showing your good hand so that perhaps you can bluff easier the next time around. I'm not talking about showing all the time, but maybe every once in a while to try and get in my opponent's head. What do you guys think about this?

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    Yes I think it is very good. Rarely, if not ever is it a wise idea to show your cards.
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    I would only show good cards like AA, never crap cards.

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