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    Proof Is Always In The Pudding....

    I've been reading discussions back and forth about is Carbon Poker a rigged site or is it just another online poker room. First, let's stop just making opinionated remarks back and forth and let's let the actions speak louder than words...

    Everyone enters into bad beats. It's just part of the game. So why are so many people, even good players, getting highly frustrated over some of the hand plays you face at Carbon Poker and other online gaming sites? It's quite simple.

    First, let's take a look at some of the bizarre events that unfold which "are" uncommon and highly popular on carbon poker and other sites.

    * Multiple sets of pocket pairs. - This isn't an odd occurrence, but as often as it happens on carbon poker - it is!

    * A player who is almost out and goes all in will "win" more than 70% of the time - I don't make up the facts, I just post them.

    *this one can be argued - Holding a hot hand while sandbagging an unsuspected player, the flop, turn and river will start building a hand against you in the draws. (Now purely by statistics, allowing a hand to continue works against your odds. We all know that. BUT, the amount of times that a hand seems to quickly form that is of higher value than your hot hand just happens way too often to be a coincidence.)

    I can already here the sarcasm flies as empty heads will rush here to make a claim of how BRILLIANT they are and that this never happens to them. After all they're poker Kings!! It's just something that happens to the weak and bad players... Right? Well I've not only been the victim of such mentioned play, but the observer of it as well. Even the most seasoned of players have been its victim.

    I am of the strong belief that poker online doesn't play like the real thing. I won't brag ad talk about over 30 years of experience playing both on and off, just like I won't listen to riff raff that are age 20 and have zero experience time in either category.

    What I would enjoy is a HEALTHY debate on this subject matter. Not the OPINIONATED pot shots I see on other posts that talk about this very heated subject matter. I could care less about your emphatic gestures of greatness. Save those for the plastic blowup doll you call your girlfriend.

    Don't isolate an incident and make it stand as FACT for historical play, because that don't work either. And last, don't talk about how you've "adapted" to online play and learned how to beat it. Kudos if you have, that's part of the game. But what I want to do is find out how we can bring the game back to its purest form.

    I want to bypass any notion that the casinos are cheating, or favoring their 1,2000 cousins that play online, or their X-wives/girlfreinds/ex-employees that know all the ins and outs and cheats...

    MY genuine goal is to really enter into a subjective, informative and deeply cognizant healthy discussion about Is there a form of swayed play and if so, the ROOT of the cause...

    * Is it that random generating CPU's have problems with "cyclic" patterns of behavior?

    * Is it that Casinos have not taken away the randomization, but somehow slightly curtailed it so that it helps all players?

    * Maybe, its that we see more hands, as some of the excuses with logic seem to attempt to dictate. And that we ONLY remember the bad ones.... Especially those of us who receive it more..

    * And of course, there is still that old dark magical belief that bad luck comes and goes and potentially its just sat on your shoulders longer than the average person.

    Whatever we discuss, please, lets SHUN the jerks who just pop off at the mouth and lets try to get into some serious, positive yet deeply rich debates about whether or not there is a form of "unbalanced" play on Carbon poker and other online poker sites...

    By the way, if you don't have any worldly experience in playing poker at a PROFESSIONAL establishment outside the realm of the internet, PLEASE don't attempt to be a person who talks worldly when you only played real poker with your buddies at their house one time!

    Let's keep it respectful, engaging and most importantly, incredibly insightful and informative...


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    I have learned that the internet poker cannot hold the proper number of cards through the RNG. there would be a total of over 5 millions hand possibilities that can happen and that online poker RNGs cannot hold that many possibilities without slowing the programs down to a halt so they have many hands that repeat themselves causing a lot of bad beat hands.

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    * A player who is almost out and goes all in will "win" more than 70% of the time - I don't make up the facts, I just post them.

    Interesting thread but where are you getting stats or facts like this?

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    "* Maybe, its that we see more hands, as some of the excuses with logic seem to attempt to dictate. And that we ONLY remember the bad ones.... Especially those of us who receive it more.."

    Two points on this:
    1st one is we do see more hands per hour but in the same respect 100 hands is 100 hands regardless of how quick you get there..

    2nd what alot fail to see is this, In order for there to be a average there have to be some on the lower end while there will be others on the higher end.Some will see more bad beats then other. I tend to run on the lower end as i just dont see some of the others(players from here) take the constant beats that i take.

    The only way we will ever truly know if its rigged in one way or another is if one of the programmers stop getting paid LOL it can only be random as its programmed to be.
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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