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    Poker Stars Play Money Chips

    First of all I'm not planning on buying play money chips from Poker Stars, altho the site sells them starting at $1.99 all the way up to $99 for how many, I don't know. I didn't look. Here's the question is there somewhere to sell these chips to someone else ? Like a forum ? I was wondering and would like to know if there is a market somewhere to sell. If there is a place to sell I might invest a little time. You know me, grind out a dollar where ever I can. Later y'all

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    never looked closer into it..but i know there are places u can sell them...... one thing that must be said is it is against pokerstars' Terms of Use, u cannot sell play money chips(oficially), so, i think it should be done carefully..thats probably also why u dont find info about it easily...maybe googling it can help u

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    You can pass the chips to another player but I don't know if you can sell them

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    There is a site that I have found on Google that offers .99 for 100K play-chips. That's all I know about it for now. I don't know anything about how it works.
    It makes no sense to me why anybody would want to spend $199 on 100 million play-chips. There's no point for anybody to play at that level, except for the beginners trying to get a feel for the game. I'm still trying to figuire that one out.
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    LOL grinding play chips. you know there is google that you can search right.

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    Play chips lmao i cant do it unless its for real chips i get bored playing with fake chips fuk tht
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    Last time I checked you can definitely transfer play money with PokerStars p2p transfers, so you could theoretically make some money if you offered a better rate than PokerStars to players interested, unless it is indeed against their terms and conditions. I have grinded a stack on there with play money from playing prize leagues from several different home games. Other than PokerStars home games, I don't play with play chips on PokerStars or any other site.
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