A while back on the PO Client page, there were options for sit and go's but I understand that most people on the site weren't using them.

Considering we have had a couple free-rolls (which are awesome) traffic has increased. Yesterday, Zab put up a Chip and a Chair Donkfest tournament which had 10 people at least starting in it.

Is there an easy way (something Zab wouldn't have to maintain daily I mean) to have scheduled tournaments? These can be points added, but until traffic increases more I would suggest not having them be points added.

I think if you placed non-point added tournaments around the same time as the free-rolls you would see a lot more people take advantage of them. When somebody gets knocked out, they generally want to play again.

Also, if we were to create scheduled tournaments with varying buy-ins (from 100 to 1000+) we would see more people take advantage of them and if they had time to plan, maybe more people would show. The sit and go's probably didn't work because with low traffic, the wait to get a game together was significant. With no money added tourney's they tourney's start regardless if there are 4 or 104 entrants and would be a fun way to learn poker while boosting your PO bankroll.

Just an idea, thanks for reading!