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    Merge Bad Beat Jackpot is back.

    So I just logged into Aced a bit ago, and there was a small update, and on the list of items updated was the bad beat jackpot. So I went to promos, and sure enough its back, with lower requirements. It used to be lose with quad 8s or better, now its with quad 2s or higher. This is where I read about it if you want to get more info. Bad Beat Jackpot - Aced

    I think this is a good move for them.
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    Never been into bad beat jackpots or anything requiring some 1 in a million chance of happening, but I do think this will help get people excited, as any promos do.

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    it is great to win one this will help draw people to play the games

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    yeah, it's a good move, but I think it's trivial compared to all the other things they've done to kill off interest, at least at the lower end of buy-ins.
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    Aren't most bad beat jackpots Aces full of tens+?

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    in live rooms, yes
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    well, never played the special BBJ tables...

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    Thats whats up hopefully someone in PO wins it

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    well guess ill give it a go on my next days off

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    Great, and you thought these donkz called with Anything before....sheesh
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