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    kind of a random question

    I wonder how much it would cost to host your own private freeroll on carbon?

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    Well, I am sure you would have to put up the prize pool, I don't think they would charge outside of that, and tbh don't know if they would do it. You would probably have more of a shot putting up a buy in game. FT and PS used to allow you do to those with no charge.

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    Well I do not know but try 888Poker network first.

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    I never done this before either and I would ask Zab for info.

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    At Pokerstars they had Home Games, where your friends would join your club. You as the club leader can create ring games or tourney's at any buy in. Wish Carbon would do this. But I guess PO is kind of the same thing. We see all the same names is every game.

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