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    How much did you spend before you made profit?

    Heya everyone!
    kinda interested to see the variety in players here, and just curious as to how much everyone spent before they turned their losses into profit?

    I think I've been fairly lucky, I started with $500 and have turned that into $2k, but I lost $500 today so i'm down to $1500 and this seems to be my cycle at the moment, I'll win enough to go back to 2k, then down 500-1k then up to 2k again aha, lots of practice needed but it feels good playing solely with profits rather then my own cash, hopefully this current $1500 can turn into alot more!

    Just wondering how much other people have spent before they turned a profit? Had a chat with a few lads at the casino and a few of them said they went through close to 40-50k over a few years before seeing profit.

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    40-50k is not unreasonable amount of monies for a lad to lose playing live tournaments before making profit. Some great players start off with bad variance and other "stepbacks" in pokers and to learn the game, some lads take time adjusting.
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