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    How do you handle bad beats and "Tilting"?

    I go for a walk upstairs, sitting out the next 2 do you handle it?:круто:

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    i have no good idea for it
    but is a important thing all the players must face to.
    if you can do what you say,you are a good player.
    good luck for both of us.

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    How I handle tilt can vary from simply "brushing it off shoulder" and keep playing to quitting poker for the day. Sometimes I will take a break, maybe go on a bike ride, just simply getting away from the computer after a bad beat can help almost any poker(s) player. Good luck not tilting at the tables.
    Our body is the temple of God. No man shalt mix clay with iron will surely perish.

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    kill somebody, break something. or just deal with it part of the game. ps dont kill anybody youll end up in prison.
    "From the bottom of me heart, I'd like to take dis chance to apologize to absolutely nobody! The double champ does what the fuck he wants!" Connor Mcgregor

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    By getting drunk

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    I cry like a little bitch

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