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    Hero Poker June Updates

    CEO UPDATE *JUNE 2012*

    1. After a lot of feedback and review, June 7th, will see a number of significant changes take place on Hero Poker.

    The following will be the general changes, as with all promotions, they are subject to change, but by June 7th, the changes will be all completed if not in the next few days leading to the 7th.

    1. -PLO $2 Arena will be reduced back to $1
    2. -Golden Apples $5 PLO and NL will be reduced to $1 each

    3. -Amazon $1 PLO and NL will remain the same

    4.-NEW 'Golden Apples Daily $100 The Chosen'

    Earn 60 VIP in 24 hours before The Chosen Tournament to qualify.
    Tournament will pay the top 5 players based on random seating.
    The tournament will 1 min blinds, 200 starting chips, 10/20 blinds + 200 antes.
    The next level will be 20/40 blinds + 5000 antes.

    Basically, the system wouldn't let me make a tourney that didn't have at least 20 big blinds, so knowing that poker players can't help but take an advantage,
    I've tried to create a structure where it basically is a lottery by random seating and cards. Everyone should automatically be all-in for every single hand, and this will happen very quickly, every minute the blinds will go up by an increment of 10k, so, theoretically, even if there is 500 people joining, it should work.

    The only issue is if the random seating isn't random enough, otherwise, we will trial it and see how it goes. This was the most fair and automated way I could think of. Thus, even if you are cash or tournament player of any game; once you qualify, you'll need to just register and then see if you won any cash the next day!

    The tourney will start daily at 02:00 AM server time, so you have until then grind your 60 VIP points and then go to bed and maybe wake up with some cash for the chosen one!

    5.- Golden Apples weekly $500 will remain the same, but we will convert it to the 'Chosen One' format as well. Thus again, it will be more appealing to cash game players as well. The requirement is 600 VIP points in a week

    6. Golden Apples monthly $1500 The Chosen Ones, will be held on the 2th of the month, and it also will be in the chosen ones format and will pay out 8-12 places. The requirement will be 4000 VIP points for the month up to that point.

    All of these updates will begin on Monday, June 11th. I know many people on this site play on Hero Poker, so I hope this information is helpful.

    Note: The quote was taken from the Official Hero Poker thread on 2+2

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    i ahve seen this too but ty for posting here too( like some sort of lotter y now to get moeny, if u make enuf points tho,, not as much to play in the plo ones now anymore tho.

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    sounds like a major update to me i hope they hav sum lag problems and host another 10k freeroll for us

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    He says it should be more appealing to cash players??? I don't see how a allin every hand tournament is appealing to any poker player. Guess free money is free money no matter how you get it, but i'd rather see free tournaments as reward for earning vips, not a random lottery. Was hoping to start a bankroll on hero playing the free $2 plo sng's, but a 27 man sng for a dollar isn't quite as appealing, dollar spread out over for itm spots. Oh well, don't know what feedback they used to come up with these changes, can't imagine anyone would rather change to this than keep it the way it is, I certainly wouldn't.

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    sounds like the update will definitely improve the site

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    Hmm, without having a proper bankroll its harder now to build up from nothing

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