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Thread: Ftp

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    full tilt is the best for me!!!

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    I don't understand. u talk about how much u luv ftp, but lookin at older posts from u, i see a lot of talk about how bad your luck is & how u keep losing hand after hand, etc. don't u realize that it's not luck, that ftp has just already decided who it's gonna let win. it'll let u win just enuf 2 keep u coming back, but u'll see your 80-90% favorite losing 50% of the time. i saw a post from a guy on the ftp facebook page that said if u bad talk ftp, that u'll never win on there. is that why u keep saying that u luv ftp, even tho it's obvious thru your posts that it's screwing u just like it's screwing most other people? btw, i was able 2 keep my head above the water 4 a long time on ftp w/o having 2 deposit $. then, after another nite of watching my 80-90% favorites lose over & over again, i went off on the ftp facebook page. since then, i have not won a single cent & now i have no $ on there. does any of this sound familiar 2 anyone?

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