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    Connection issues on Unibet poker?

    Anyone else having regular connection issues Unibet Poker on the tournaments? The time runs out really fast and then every hand thereafter it shows small amount of time remaining or disconnect which basically means you can't perform any action at all. This frequently happens when I have monster hands too sometimes consecutive big hands so you can imagine my frustration (especially if I have gone deep and it starts doing it). I literally need to close the whole client using end process in the task manager to stand a chance of hands reconnecting again, then I need to wait on the client loading it back up again! It is such a shame because I really like the look layout and style of the new software but these issues still remain. I've contacted Unibet about it and I think I know how to sort the problem they need to change it so the time loading line is only for that particular hand not ones entire session! Ipoker doesn't have this problem because each hand is separate and players get a time bank if they need more time this is a much better way of doing it. I also have to say the response time is so bad that at times I feel like I need to call instead of trying to put in a raise because the time it takes to show my raising amount is sometimes so long the software folds me! I just want to know if others are experiencing these problems fyi if you aren't a member of unibet poker you can claim ?/?10 cash ticket and ?2 worth of tournament tokens ! The cash games strangely have no problems at all!
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    What is Unibet poker? Is it a BTC poker room or all around poker room and isit for USA member im too laazy to read you rpost or looki tu p lolzz


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