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    Feb 2014

    Any one having problems at carbon

    There software keeps crashing my puter just curious if anyone else is having the same problem

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    Just 1 guy in a game MichMan's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Its not crashing my computer no, but I have had a couple bugs lately, 1 was after a break the previous hand was displayed, but it dealt and was prompting everyone as if they had new cards. The whole table was "wtf?" .. I was ITM so I said F-it, and shoved 'blind' got one caller (blind also) after the chips went in, then we saw our cards. Then today in an MTT I timed out, and clicked sit in, then the next hand the buttons weren't responding, so I timed out again, tried to click sit in and it wasn't responding, then again next hand same thing, then I noticed in the lobby it said "not logged in" next to my name on top where it usually says "connected". So I was able to see my newly dealt cards on the table but couldn't act.

    But again, it's not crashing my computer, no. lol
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    My computer isn't crashing but sometimes my buttons disappear, and sometimes it cuts off in the middle of a game. It's quite irritating.
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    Sometimes the carbon software is rough on my clan mates. It is usually when big games are going on and alot of peeps are online. maybe they will update software this week to fix the situation. It is what it is sometimes helps to go in option and turn off animation and sounds etc. ..VGL!

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    I haven't had many problems that weren't relate to my internet connection. I did have it happen yesterday where I got an error that a MTT table failed to load. Since I was multi-tabling the easiest way to figure out which table was missing was to restart the software, which wasn't ideal since I was multi-tabling.
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    Yep, I've had the buttons disappear a couple of times, and some reloading issues, but mostly been ok

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    I ave had poblems on carbon for some time now

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