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    Wink Winning MTT player looking for Sunday WPN Stake (Betcoin, ACR or Black Chip)

    Hello all, I am looking for anyone who may be interesting in buying some of my action in a few of today's scheduled Sunday tournaments. I will be running most of these tournaments either way, the high stakes buy-in will only be played if someone is interesting in buying a piece of me in that tournament. I'm already registered in almost all of the tournaments but I am also truly hoping that a few smart investors will come along with an interest in buying a piece of my action. Giving up some of my action ultimately helps to lighten the load on my bankroll as a whole. The percentage of the buy-in that you pay will correctly directly to the percentage of winnings that you will receive. Feel free to PM me or post here if you are interested and send the funds to Kagami on Betcoin after confirming here in this post or in private with me. ACR/BlackChip/PokerHost are also WPN and I have accounts there as well although I have not used them often. Thank you for your interest! Lets make some money today!

    Here's a link to my recent Sharkscope:
    SharkScope - Online and Live Poker Statistics

    MTT Schedule:

    Time - Tournament - Buy-In (100%)

    14:00pm - $25,000 GTD - m฿70.50 ($16)
    14:00pm - HiFive Event #22 $10,000 GTD - m฿23.50 ($5)
    15:00pm - $5,000 - m฿235.03 ($45)
    20:00pm - HiFive Event #25 - $50,000 - m฿465.78
    20:00pm - BIG10 3.5K GTD - m฿25 ($5 - I got third in this last week!)
    00:15pm - Million Dollar GTD Satellite 100 Seats - $65

    I just tacked the satellite on at the end because I'm quite confident that I can win a seat to the million gtd if staked for a seat in the 100 seat GTD satellite. If you help stake me and I win, you will receive the same percentage of any winnings in the million dollar tournament itself.)

    If interested please post here or PM me. If you want to pay the full buy in for a larger tournament I'd be willing to play at 35% me / 65% you unless I final table in which case I would ask for 42.5% me / 57.5% to you. Numbers can be worked out for anyone interested in making what I believe is a +EV investment!

    Would love to get into the Million Dollar GTD coming up on WPN today in the next hour or two, especially!
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