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    Super Sunday Spectacular!!!!!

    Hello #TeamPO players and backers !!!! Ill be looking to sale some action in myself on this AWESOME sunday!!!

    1pm EST $11 1.2k
    3pm EST $5.50 1k
    4pm EST $22 4k 6max
    4:45 EST $5.50 10 seat satty to the 12.5k
    5pm EST $11 2.5k
    8pm EST $5.50 3.5k
    10pm EST $11 1k
    10:30 EST $11 1.2k

    Total of $82.50 for all .. standard 60-40 w/sb FT 50-50 w/sb whether its 1 mtt or more ... we can discuss other arrangements and changes if need to be made .. this is not the official thread as i will make 1 for each stake or deal we make ...

    Im hoping to play them all but will do individual games for backers... Bubble me and we can workout a deal if you may be interested in some action in me today .. ty for the look ..


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    shipping 5.50 for the 3.5k gtd. 60/40+sb 50/50+sb for ft. Possibly will also take the 11 1.2. will let ya know

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    ok thx .. Gl to us

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