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    staking someone to grind the 5.30 DoN on ACR

    So this is my first stake that i'll be giving out on ACR.

    I'm going to send you 21.20 for 4 buy ins, and would like you to grind these 5.30 Double or Nothings.


    - I would like you to keep me up to date with every single game you play.

    - I do prefer you play when I'm on so I can rail, and maybe give some pointers.

    - Play the first 4 and, I'll discuss with you on whether you'll keep playing or end it

    - The payment back will be through ACR, and its going to be SB 50/50

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    apply. tommy62278 on acr. heres a pocket 5s link

    horse62278 - tommy - Poker Player

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