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    Staking ACR MTT'S

    I'm looking for a stake of 64.10 to play the sunday tourneys on ACR
    Never played on ACR before so I want to try it out and I was told the field is extremly weak, so I think I might have a big edge and can ship some moniez.

    (bi's already with rake)
    10.75$ - 400$ GTD TURBO KO
    11$ - Big 10 1.2k$ GTD
    6.6$+2x6$ - 1,500$ GTD R/A
    13.2$ - Turbo 10 600$ GTD
    Big 10 - 1,000$ GTD
    Total 64.10$
    20 shares - 20x3,21$

    60%/40% in favor of staker if results > 100$
    100%/0% in favor of staker if results > or = 100$ so up to a valuation of 156% you get 156% back
    50%/50% in FT's

    no MU

    Hand history of all tourneys, including deep runs will be given to staker through pt4

    In case of not selling 100% the money might be returned or the schdulle is up for changes according to stakers.

    Skype contact for rail, PM.

    My stats for mtt, and life graph are below.
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    1 h and 30 min till 1st tourney, bump

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