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    small time stable looking for horses

    anyone can apply not all will be chosen. if you have any history of scamming here you will not be chosen so DO NOT APPLY.

    looking for horses to play some ON DEMANDS. 3 lvls of horses here.

    LV3-1$ on demands

    LV2-3$ on demands

    LV1-5$ on demands

    dont apply for a certain level. i will deam which level you are playing depending on how well i know your game. all stakes will be 60/40+sb my way. if you have any interest in running just type i apply. by applying you agree to run ONLY the tourneys i say to run. and you agree to post a bust hand in a rail. you also agree to ship once tourney is finished. gl to all who apply. all winning horses will have the chance to move up depending on how well they do

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    I will apply tommy. just let me know

    16:24 <PooffyFooffy> sorry jayy

    18:07 <gimmeabrew> @jayyy27: sorry

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    I apply

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    Sup Tommy that's cool of you for doing this. I apply


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