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    Scammers / Thieves / Assholes

    Has one of your horses not make good on you ?
    Someone did not sent back their share of the winnings ?

    Protect Yourself :

    Wall of Shame : ( If someone cant pay a small loan, and is in default, imagine how unlikely they are to pay back your share of the winnings )
    Link to Wall of Shame :

    And dont forget to do a Background Check :

    List them here !
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    True a stickied thread listing confirmed scams/dead beats (as in runs off with winnings, not non profit makers) should be good
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    When i get home i should have 2 or 3 blacklists from other sites I'll link up so you have a starting point, as a responsible staker i also encourage you,if you see ANY of these names going for stakes at other sites you may frequent, please inform that site thru whatever channel they require, pm,post, etc. its not ratting when they are already guilty, and I'm sure you would want the same protection for your money. Gl in your ventures !
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