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    Wink poker tourney tonight in pittsburgh

    I am going to be playing in a poker tourney here in Pittsburgh at 7:15... last tourney i placed 6th out of 46 players and won almost 300 bucks.. that buy in was 75$ total....

    a few people said that they wanted a piece of the action but i was busy playing in the tourney and didnt see anyones messages...

    so thought i would make this thread in case someone wants a piece of this action. im a long time member here and trustworthy. I am going to be leaving soon to go to the casino bar for a little before and watch some of the march madness.

    i am already staked for half of the buy in and the entry fees.. if anyone wants a piece of the action let me know...

    50$ open for staking

    send paypal to: [email protected]

    5$ gets you 5%

    tourney details:

    Start Time: 7:15

    Buy-In: $100 + $15 + $5
    Levels: 20 mins
    Chips: 8000
    $5 Add On: 2000

    either way wish me luck!!!

    gonna rock my Pokerowned shirt again

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    Ill send you $10. Will be from [email protected]

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