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    Please be smart when staking, LCDaBoss is still around lurking.

    Please don't stake people you don't know, or new members. LCDaBoss is under a RozayBTC account pming members for stakes. He will for sure make new accounts, names etc because running these little scams for happy meals at McDonalds is more fun than working.
    He has been doing this for years and even after he made his Rozay account and swore he was on the up and up, this came out of 2+2 and this was a brief search. Watch for any of those names as well.
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    Ok poof, Rozay has asked me for stakes a few times within the past weeks. I didn't realize RozayBTC is/was a scammer... Thanks for the information poof. Very helpful because I was very to staking him.
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