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    Looking to start a staking relationship


    So I am interested in finding someone willing to stake me in a couple $1.00 tournaments for a clean 50/50 +SB split. I play on ACR but, would be interested in switching to carbon or something if the staker had a good enough reason for me to switch poker houses.

    I'm interested in building a relationship with one or two stakers and looking to be able to grow as I prove im a wining player and worth staking.

    I have won about 5 tournaments total in my career and all of them have been on the micro stakes level. 2 of them have been free rolls. So I have some winning experience but I cant say that I am some super crusher who is just gonna rake you in money left and right. However I will attempt to sell myself!

    What makes me a player worth staking?

    Well I am experienced in micro stake tournaments, and understand that the key to them is to be extremely patient and only play premium hands. I rarely shove preflop unless I am sure there is gonna be a fold and I really just dont like to "race" for pots with all in preflops. I am mathematically inclined and logically minded. I tend to look for chances to make my actions count and if I cant I really don't want to get wrapped up in pots.

    For the last two months I have been studying poker very hard! I am reading around 100 pages a night from various poker books as well as testing myself to insure that I understand the concepts. When im not at the tables or reading im alot of times dealing cards and quizing myself about best moves.

    In two years I would like to see myself being able to quit being a hardware software engineer and be a poker player

    If I am so awesome why don't I have a bank roll of my own?

    The last two times I have had bankrolls I have blown them in cash games. I don't really study cash games and end up loosing my bank roll on them. I have sense vowed that I will not play cash games anymore and look to be a tournament winner and in all honesty I have never really had a bank roll past $20.00 - $30.00 which is hard to play cash games with anyway, but at those times I watched people making so much money in cash games that I thought I would give it a try. I have sense decided that I like tournament play more then anything.

    Im willing to answer any questions or submit to any tests that a potential staker might have for me... feel free to message me if you are interested!

    I have also dug up some screen shots of me winning a couple tournaments just to prove that im not just blowing smoke for free money...

    Screenshot 2014-05-22 01.44.12.jpgScreenshot 2014-05-12 15.21.58.jpg

    I know I am new here an don't have a reputation yet, so asking for something free might be frowned upon. I also feel like some of you might feel the need to harshly inform me of that. If that is the case I really would prefer that you PM me your complaints and keep this thread either for constructive criticism or interest in staking me.

    Thank you for your time!
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