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    Looking for 2 horses on BCP serious applications only please. Nab76 Stables.

    Looking for two horses to run some micro for me this stake could be as short as one game or it could last a month, it will just depend on the horses performance and the rapport between us. I don't have any particular tourneys in mind, we will talk about what games are best for you after I have chosen the horses.

    Terms will be pretty simple each event will be 60/40 my way +sb. There will be make up if the stake lasts longer than a week. If anytime after a week YOU decide to end the stake or I determine that YOU did something intentionally to get me to end the stake 100% of your makeup becomes debt to be paid within 14 days. If after a week I decide to end the stake, 50% of your make up becomes debt to be paid With in 14 days. You are very likely do receive bonus' that would improve your share. **Disclaimer This bonus is 100% at my discretion** Better the performance, better the bonus. Also the overall smoothness of the transactions will be factored into my decision on whether or not i give a bonus, and how much. So perform well, have a good attitude, communicate consistently and openly and it will not go unrewarded. **disclaimer - This bonus is 100% at my discretion**

    Horses will make a rail thread. Each game will need to be listed, with your finish and hand histories. During MTTs horses will be required to post at least one hand per hour that shows their chip stack. During each break at XX:55 horse will provide quick summary of the the hour. Horse will post bust hand and thoughts on the hand and overall tournament.

    Horse agrees to spend at least 15 minutes each day talking though their play that/or the previous day with me on the bubble chat here, by text, or whatever else is convenient. Horse agrees to give and verify their cell number to me so i can get in contact with them even if they are not on PO. Horse agrees to have JoinMe so I can rail when I feel the need (pun intended). So we can go through any important hands with the replay tool on BCP. I think this can be a great teaching tool for both of us. Horse agrees to have a good attitude regarding any suggestions, questions, or remarks I may have about their play.

    Apply with the following. Be complete as possible.

    BCP username
    Any other poker site screen names you have played under recently.
    Generally tell me about yourself. Job, school, family etc.
    Why you want to be staked.
    Why you need to be staked. Yes I think there is a difference.
    Tell me about how you started playing poker, both online and live.
    Proudest/Biggest poker accomplishments.
    If you are being staked anywhere else.
    Any stats/graphs you may have. I am not just looking for 5 year old PS stats with a username that can't be verified. If you post stats back them up. (not interested in freeroll stats)
    2+2 screen name. If you don't have one I ask that you get one so we can post hands for learning opportunities.
    How you will be able to pay make up if the stake is ended.
    Your favorite Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor. Chocolate is not acceptable, show some personality.

    Neatness, Organization, and overall appearance will all be taken into consideration.

    I don't care if i have staked you before( es that means you too), do not PM or bubble me asking for this stake, you will be automatically disqualified.
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    hello i would like to be staked ACR-MAYO15 BCP-thepurp15

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    I might apply to this, but make only opposition I would have would be the 50% make up at the end of a week, unless it will be a ton of volume, everything from 2-20 bi's to get the volume in to FOR surely make a profit, so just curious the volume/stakes we are talking about here if you dont mind letting me know.

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    I'm cool to run some stakes if you choose me. Most of the time though I'm only playing in the evening and when wife and kids go to bed. I aggree to everything u posted only thing is I don't have join me. But yeah let me know If u do decide to choose me and we can talk about all the details more. Ty man

    newdaddyhere bcp

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    420ironlung420 im tired of freerolls too many donks

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    I would love to get staked my bcp name is ryangray420 and acr name is wellsworth83. My past name on pokerstars is ryan42182 and on ftp was wellsworth8. I have won big payouts in the past under stakes. Ive had over 100k in winnings and would love to win us some money. I work a night job at this time but in 2 weeks I go to day shift. My biggest win was the nightly 70k on pokerstars came in 1st for 13.3k. Ive had 11k in a wsop circuit event in live play

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    Hello I would like to apply to your Staking agreement

    My BCP name is Payedaments

    As of recently I have just been playing the freerolls on most sites except Bovada. I deposit small amounts on there and play the Micro stakes.

    Well I am 28 years old and work Part time at the moment. I have 2 younger brothers one of which is also into poker. I taught him everything i know. My father is a CPA with a masters degree, I also was an honors student in accounting in HS, so to say numbers runs in the family is an understatement lol.

    Along with Bovada i am trying to open my varince, so being backed on BCP is where I want to be.
    I work part time at the moment and cant afford to deposit on multiple sites. But as we know vairence is a cunt and i need to open it up to more sites to get better results.

    Well here we go i started playing small home games with friends back in 2003 when i was a senior in HS. We watched the WSOP daily and as we know the poker boom happend and i was full forced taken by it. I was a recreational player at first till i met my great friend and poker Mentor Erik Szarz. After that i got very serious with poker realizing the skill involved. We played and studied with others weekly and grew as a Team. We have had some great results. One of my buddies i went over things many times with was Josh Hart or lNormajean on pokerstars. Look up stats now and be amazed. he has shipped the Sunday warmup on Pstars back in 2010/2011.I was able to start playing full time around this time as my fulltime income. Until Black Friday and since then i have felt so lost with online poker. But continued playing live at my local Casino. I have dabbled with online through out the years but nothing very serious until now. I am looking to come back into this full force. I have a Dueces Cracked account where i watch mutliple Videos from MTTs to Cash games. If we do this staking/backing i will have no problem opening this account to you also if your interested in expanding your game with these videos.

    I Took 2nd in the 5.50 20k on pokerstars for 4.5k with a field of over 5k runners. Was the single grestest feeling getting through that field and taking home a decent score

    I am not currently staked at all.

    I do reside at 2+2 and my screen name there is The IVIavrick

    I have a parttime job as i have said and I could deposit on BCP and transfer you the money.

    Your favorite Ben&Jerry's Ice Cream Flavor. Chocolate is not acceptable, show some personality. I have to go with there 2nd flavor they ever created, World Peace!! maybe a lil hippyish LOL

    Thanks for consideration and GL to you and your Horses sir

    The IVIavrick

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    I would like to enter my horse name Barney bad butt. he is a beast on a race track if you inject him with sports enhancing drugs. My second horse name Sir Craps alot is fast too but he is just a lazy scumbag. he eat all day and poop all over the stable.

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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    gl nab i dont apply i just want to wish you and your horses well. i have staked a few here who have applied. i love fACT you want help get them better too. oh btw chubby hubby fav ice cream
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    Quote Originally Posted by IVIavrick View Post
    But as we know variance is a cunt..
    lol - quote of the MONTH nominee! I can tell you from grinding 85 cents into $240 how much variance sucks. (it took 6 months with my shitty rural internet at the time)

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