I'm looking to start playing the daily $50 tournaments at my local poker room... The competition is very soft and I'm sure it could be pretty profitable.. Message me if you have questions.. I dont want to put all my personal information on here.. But I live in Pensacola Florida if you wanna look up the Pensacola Poker Room on google and check it out before messaging me. I'm sure most of you guys know me from around.. I'm good for my word. I dont feel the need to tell u a bunch of references who Ive never done any business with who are just my friends, you arent going to ask anyway lol.. but bubble me.. I can take money through ACR, BCP,GDMP, and Netspend. You can pay one tournament at a time or multiple ones for a week or two.. will discuss terms when you contact me..
email: [email protected]
skype:thtboirod (Rodney Jacobs)