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    I got my knife and fork all ready, just no steak.

    I'm currently looking for a good US site and small stake into it so I can see if it's what i'm looking for. Willing to pay points.

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    Depends on what you are looking to play. Are you looking for SNG and MTT play or are you looking for CASH GAME play?

    Here are a few suggestions though.

    America's Cardroom / Black Chip Poker (Same player pool) gives rakeback automatic 27%
    Bovada No Rakeback / NO p2p tranfers. Upside: Quick Payouts and Really fishy cash table play 25nl plays like 2nl most sites
    Carbon Poker: I do not know much about it, but I hear there is good traffic there.

    Now if you live in NJ/NV/CA/ or DE you have many better options. And I would recommend 888 / PARTY POKER if that was the case.

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