hello. my name is john. im currently looking to find a stake for a MICRO grind here in the next week or so. I currently have a small micro roll ( 82.45USD ) but I am not comfortable take it much higher with variance and roll sizing. so basically Im opening this to see what type of investment I could possibly get, or where to go from here.

what im looking for :

micro stake : 50.00-100.00 ( 1.00USD per 1% share. )
( 50/50 ) with make up

if interested, id be wiling to talk more, on guidelines of what to be played, etc, but until then, im just letting this kinda lay around and see what will come of it.

SHARKSCOPE ( notscared0 ) all stats are prior to BF * have not been on the felt a lot since

have played two MTTS and 4 DON on ACR and 2 cashes on DON, and 1 FT cash in MTT